Congratulations to Portia, winner of our Trim Buddies Summer Salad Competition!

Give her delicious recipe a try!

Feta, Strawberry and Avocado Salad

Salad Ingredients:
Baby Spinach (allowance)
Chickpeas (allowance)
Strawberries (allowance)
Avocado (allowance
10g Toasted Pecan Nuts (allowance)
Feta cheese (allowance)

Ingredients for Dressing:
Olive oil (allowance)
Balsamic vinegar (allowance)
Pinch of Origanum
Pinch of Thyme
Pinch of Italian herbs
Salt and Pepper to taste

Arrange the salad ingredients on a platter.
Add the dressing ingredients to a jar and shake it up!

Pour the dressing over the salad!  Enjoy!