TLC has added an amazing new product to its arrange of branded products.  Now available in 150g and 300g Bottles.

TLC Naked Collagen Powder is an important building block for whole-body health.
It is the most abundant protein in the human body and the major protein in our connective tissues, ensuring the integrity, elasticity and strength of skin, cartilage and bones.

Collagen supplements are purported to promote brain, heart, and gut health, as well as help control weight and keep hair and nails healthy.

TLC Naked Collagen Powder is made from a bioactive collagen peptide that has been specifically
developed to deliver health benefits and functional properties.  It is an excellent source of protein and has a regenerative effect on the skin, hair, nails, joints and ligaments.

Simple to use, convenient, and easily consumed:

  • Highly soluble in cold water. You can blend this collagen powder in any types of drinks such as smoothies, dairy and more.
  • Neutral in taste and odour. It can be easily integrated into any recipes you like.
  • Heat resistant.  Whether it’s for adding in soup, tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cake mixes , you will enjoy the same health benefits.

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