‘I will forever be grateful that I got to know about TLC.  I got to a point where I was feeling really unhealthy.

One of my clients walked into my Salon and I asked her what she was doing as she looked so good.  She told me about TLC and my thoughts were if she can do then I can do it.

So I joined TLC as I am the type of person who needs support.  I was glad to have Jeanette as my Coach.  I think a weight problem is like an alcoholic addiction, the more you have the more you want.  I was at a point in my life where food became my addiction.

I am 1.53cm in height and was weighing in at 79.3kg and this was affecting my health.  I had cramps in my legs at night when I slept, I had heart burn, my blood pressure was high at times, and my cholesterol was high.  My doctor wanted to give me medication for all my problems.  I asked my doctor to give me a few months to see if my lifestyle change would change my health.

TLC changed my health.  My heartburn stopped, my leg cramps stopped and my cholesterol came right down.  My blood pressure improved.  I have more energy than before.