I was super obese, weighing 123,2 kg. I had been battling to lose weight but in vain. I had tried several diet plans but it was just a never ending ‘yoyo’.  I would lose two or three kilos and quickly gain them again.  There were so many things I couldn’t do for myself like tying my own shoes,crossing my legs, jogging, walking fast and sometimes dressing myself. For this I would need assistance from my kids or domestic helper.  This was posing a big problem when it came to rearranging my wardrobe, especially the latest trending fashion designs. It forced me to rely more on tailor made or designed clothes which sometimes made me feel less confident.

Then  in June last year, I heard about the TLC WEIGHT LOSS Program and immediately fell in love with it and never looked back. I started it at the end of July and within two weeks I had lost 4,9 kg, and that made me strong and I wanted to press on.

The journey has never been easy, but through discipline and full commitment I have managed to achieve my goal which is 85kg. At the moment I am weighing 81.4 kg which makes a total fat  loss of 41.8kg.

The support I got from my coach,  Amanda, was so amazing and it made me work harder all the time.  Now  I’m very confident and can do all the things which previously challenged me. My dress size has changed from size 46 to 38 /36.

These are the benefits I experienced by doing the program:
Rapid and safe weight loss
Improved cholesterol
Developed a good self esteem
Reduced cravings for junk food
Improved skin tone
Reduced heartburn
Improved general health and wellbeing
I feel rejuvenated

I can now proudly say I am looking good and proud of myself and a role model amongst my peers and colleagues.  I am hoping to assist people who feel like I felt before engaging in this excellent weight loss program.

Hlengiwe Kunene (May 2018)

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