I am a new person!!

A month has gone by since I challenged myself, as a dedicated couch potato during the Covid-19 lockdown, to take action! I started my TLC-Program on 1 June, nervous but excited for change! 

Result to date…. I have lost 8kg!

But more than the scale weight, the changes to my body has been dramatic and uplifting!

It has not always been easy… There have been temptations… My husband’s birthday which led to my favourite cake within reach in the house for a few days, cold evenings where comfort food would have been the norm, stressful days that normally require a chocolate binge. And I may have succumbed once… a  little bit… LOL. But the thing is I got right back to my TLC-Program after. I definitely noticed a little hitch in my progress… It took a couple of days to get back on track. But with persistence and compliance it did get back on track.

I also had a day or two early on, while my body was detoxing, that I suffered from a severe headache and nausea .. I was sort of expecting it… All those toxins stored in the fat I was dissolving in my body had to have some impact… so I just increased my water, took paracetamol and focused on getting past it.

Most days now I do not feel hungry at all, I have to prompt myself to eat. There is a definite difference between hunger and cravings, which I clearly notice now. I still get the odd craving for a treat like a packet of chips, but I am managing to resist quite well. Water is my best friend when Cravings hit!!

Physically and mentally I now feel so much better. The mysterious body aches, creaky body and constant fatigue are gone. My breathing is so much easier… I don’t huff and puff after just walking from the room to the kitchen! I even enjoy a nice afternoon walk most days. And my tummy is SO much flatter I can wear my favourite jeans again… And bend to do my pedicure.. lol!  I can also actually sleep on my stomach again!

Because… 30 cm lost on my tummy circumference alone! I kid you not!!!….

And I can say honestly… those kilos and centimeters lost has made me happier. I feel so much healthier, and I am not hiding from all ‘visual’ interaction with colleagues, family and friends anymore. My ‘zoom’ video function has mysteriously started working again after being ‘broken’ for a while and it is not all ‘pudding face’ and double chin on the screen! LOL!

The huge cm loss, on my stomach especially has meant that I have a whole wardrobe of clothes that fit me again. And I can actually face myself in the mirror. Only someone that has gained a lot of weight in the past and then lost it again can understand this sense of liberation in starting to regain your own body again!

Finally, I will say, it has been tough at times, mentally more than physically, but so worth it! I am not done yet, I still have a bit more I want to lose to be at optimum health, but honestly, any deprivation and struggle has been worth it.

From my couch to yours, from a ‘semi reformed’ couch potato, I wish you success with your own TLC Program.. Stay with it, I guarantee you it will be worth it!