Day Zero… So today I had a reality check. During Lockdown I have enjoyed indulging in daily packets of crisps, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread 😅 and… Let’s not forget those lovely Woolworths colored candy coated chocolate eggs that are way too easy to still buy…in these convenient big Tubs… Even though Easter is long gone!!

It has been oh so easy to not worry about the weight steadily creeping on when you are lazing around in loose fitting clothes and when, with the odd venture outside your doors you are camouflaged in a mask and big glasses.. . So who is going to recognize you and judge, right?!

But today I noticed how I was out of breath after just making a bed. And how I could not reach my toes to give myself a pedicure without feeling really uncomfortable. And the worse thing, I cannot sleep on my tummy like I normally do as I experience uncomfortable pressure on my stomach and my breath is constricted. And when I Iounge back to read I can feel the  roll under my chin constricting my breath.  Add to all this the fact that I have only one outfit that still fits me okay, and just because it has this really forgiving elasticized waistline!! … and I finally realized today I have let it get too far. What if I should contract Covid-19 now? I am sure my breathing is already very compromised which will surely not be a good thing?!

So I decided… It will be TLC to the rescue again! 

I must confess I have done the TLC-Program, very successfully, more than once. And I know.. you are supposed to follow Lifestyle guidelines and this will maintain your weight forever after you have lost… And trust me… you do really maintain while you are following the guidelines… It has worked for me for many years for extended periods!

But who are we kidding, right? We all let life get the better of us from time to time, and end up over-indulging or going through a bad patch where food becomes a comfort. And Lockdown has surely tested the strongest of us!

But since I discovered it almost 20 years ago, the TLC-Program has always been my go-to fail-safe, the ‘rescue’ that gets me back into shape and feeling human again.

So today is the day I re-commit! I have purchased my new TLC- Program (I know I have  allowed myself too much weight gain and my profile would have changed from my previous personalised Program).

Tonight I am going through my TLC Recipe books and making a grocery list of TLC foods. Tomorrow I will start detoxing while I wait for my Program, which normally arrives quite quickly (max. 3 working days as I recall). My TLC-Turbo Boost  supplements should also arrive by Thursday to keep my body at optimum health and boost my results! I am ready and I am excited to do this… I know within a few days I will start seeing and feeling the difference again!

So wish me luck… Not that I need that, all I need is TLC… LOL!! I will check in with you guys in a couple of weeks with some honest feedback. Who is joining me?!! 

Stay safe! From your resident ‘recovering’ (hopefully 😂) Couch Potato

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