It is all good and fine to decide on an end or outcome goal and select some SMART process goals to keep you motivated, but you also need the eating plan that is going to get you there.

So how do you select your Eating Plan or diet? 

Here are some Important aspects a good eating plan must have:

  • Based on sound medical and scientific principles
  • Unique to you, not a one diet fits all
  • No harm, no risk, no pills or potions required for results
  • Rapid healthy results
  • Positive support and guidance throughout your journey
  • A practical detailed plan with no guesswork
  • A plan that includes a retraining of the body to a balanced Lifestyle once your end goal or outcome has been achieved
  • A Rescue Plan for those inevitable times where you slide back into old habits.

There is a reason so many fad diets are around for short periods, and people who buy diet books often end up with several different ones on their bookshelves… They very seldom work or have long term results. When you decide on your eating plan it is important that you choose a plan that has all of the above.. Like the TLC-Program.

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