Start a Lockdown-Bulkdown Club!

We are all feeling the strain of Lock down, not only in our clothes with expanding waistlines, but also in feeling disconnected from the world and our friends, family and colleagues in so many ways.

So how do we overcome this?

Well, fixing our waistlines is easy… For that we have the TLC-Program!

But how can we use that, losing weight and getting healthy, to also improve our connection to others and at the same time, make us more goal driven and accountable to achieving those goals?

Here is an idea… Start your own Lockdown-Bulkdown Club!!

  1. Give it a Fun Name… Ie The ‘Flatten the Curvey girls’
  2. Pull in a few friends, family members and colleagues who are also feeling the strain of the Lockdown and who wish to use the time now to get healthy and well
  3. Buy your online TLC-Programs together (ask about our Special for groups of 7 or more),
  4. Set up daily chats or Group videos (ie on Zoom) where you encourage, motivate and share ideas, ie:
  • Have a TLC Cooking day where you all prepare the same TLC meals, maybe even prepping meals for a few days
  • Have a weigh-in day where everyone in the group weighs and are held accountable,
  • Have a workout day, where you all exercise together ie do a online Zumba or yoga class
  • Have a coffee morning online where you all discuss your challenges and triumphs of the week,
  • the possibilities are endless!
  1. Take screenshot of your Zoom cooking or exercise sessions, or weigh-ins and post it to TLC-TRIM Buddies to challenge other groups…

There are so many ways to make losing weight and getting healthy together a fun and rewarding experience! Gather your friends today and get started!

Get your TLC-Program at

(If you have a group of 7 or more friends together who want to purchase their TLC-Programs at the same time, send the details (number and names) to marketing@tlc….. With the subject line ‘Lockdown Bulkdown Special’ and get a special Discount!

So what are you calling your group?