If only there was a fountain of youth! Who has not wished for  this, especially as you get older? The good news… The fountain of youth is actually hiding in plain sight, in the grocery store among the apples and oranges, the avocado, the spinach and kale, and the vast colors of the produce section!

There may not be an elixir for infinite life yet, but eating the right foods are as close as you can get. Though you can’t stop aging totally, you can slow down damage to your body and stay healthy. The first step… The right diet!! (more about this later).

How does food influence ageing? 

The foods we eat can help keep us looking and feeling younger. On the flip side, unhealthy foods can speed up the aging process and in many cases cost us years from our life instead of adding them.

Proper nutrition isn’t just important for toning up or losing weight. What you eat and drink can actually help protect against disease, promote mental sharpness and clarity, cut cancer risks, and keep your skin looking flawless. The key is making sure you’re filling up on foods that are rich in antioxidants, electrolytes, and amino acids. You have to feed your body good nutrition for it to run like it’s supposed to run. You have to have good ‘maintenance’, like you do your cars and your home.

However, it can be confusing… What do you pick? Do you go high carb, low protein, or high protein, high fat, or low carb, high fat? It can be overwhelming deciding which are the healthy options.

What does science say?

According to studies, going low carb is the anti-ageing answer! 

During carbohydrate ‘starvation’, the body releases a chemical, known as β-hydroxybutyrate (βOHB), which protects cells from ‘internal stress’ and genetic damage by blocking an enzyme that prevents the activation of certain genes. Such stress is linked to genetic damage in cells, which can cause ageing.

The correct low carb regime also lowers blood sugar and insulin. And how does this affect ageing, I am sure you are asking?

In response to the typical Western diet, blood sugar rises very rapidly and it’s common for the pancreas to overestimate the amount of insulin needed to bring blood sugar down into a safe range. Over time, cells become less responsive to insulin and even more is needed, triggering a downward spiral of insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar levels.

High blood sugar levels encourage the body to produce complex proteins fittingly called AGEs (advanced glycation end products). In simple terms, glycation is browning, such as the yellowing that occurs when you cut an apple in half and let it sit. AGEs act like free radicals, circulating and damaging cells and DNA. They accumulate in skin, causing wrinkles, and damage blood vessels. AGEs are also implicated in the development of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and metabolic syndrome.

A low-carb diet is one way to counteract this. Studies consistently show that in a variety of populations, including those with diabetes or obesity, a low-carb diet will lower insulin and blood sugar levels, decreasing glycation and the number of AGEs doing damage to tissue in the body.

So, it is very clear, low carb is the way to go… 

But even knowing that, it is still not easy to know: What exactly should you eat, and how much of it?

This is where it is important to get the correct help.

Be cautious of generic one diet fits all, diet books and fad diets. Ensure that you select a proven Program with clear guidelines.

So, how exactly do you tap into this youth elixir?

This is where the TLC-Program is ahead of the rest. The targeted TLC-Program for Anti-aging incorporates very specific steps, gives exact choices and quantities and leaves no room for confusion. Specific supplements are also included to get optimum results! 

So don’t waste any more time, the fountain of youth is ready and waiting for you…