This is the time of the year when every 2nd article you read is about making your New Year’s resolution stick. There’s a lot of research about New Year’s resolutions and about how to create resolutions that work. Many people give up on even making these resolutions, because they feel they are doomed to fail. And that is probably one of the first reasons you fail… the expectation that you will. So how do you change that?

The real  advantage of making promises to yourself at the beginning of a new year is that it gives you an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start. They call it  the “fresh start effect” in Behavioral Science. If you can train your mind to declare a fresh start, the probability of success goes way up.

But what matters most is how we structure our New Year’s resolutions. The first big rule is that resolutions like “This year I’m going to get into shape” or “This year I will get healthy” are much, much less effective than coming up with a specific Plan.

In fact, instead of thinking in terms of New Year’s resolutions, we’re better off thinking about a New Year’s PLAN of ACTION, and the smaller and more specific that plan, the better.

If you want a certain outcome you need to nudge yourself toward behaviors that will lead to that outcome and away from behaviors that might lead you to stray from that outcome.

There’s this temptation to believe that we ought to know how to change on our own. That we should be able to figure out how to exercise more or eat healthy meals or avoid the wrong foods. Because after all, other people do this on their own all the time. So why can’t we? But what the research shows is that having someone to give us good ADVICE, even if it’s just weekly tips or a friend to talk things through with, can make a huge difference. If nothing else, sometimes just listening to another person describe their problems can help you reframe own struggles in a new way, making it easier to see new solutions.

To keep a change like this going, it’s important to recognize these baby steps. In the scientific literature, it’s actually referred to as the science of small wins. When you see a small victory, like a slightly looser waistband or feeling a little bit more energetic, it gets that much easier to actually do the next small thing until cumulatively you look amazing. The way you make sure you notice these small victories is to celebrate them by giving yourself some kind of reward when you do that small thing that you intended to do.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP AT THE FIRST OBSTACLE.
Most NY resolutions fail within the first day or two when you succumb to that temptation you were all set to avoid. Do not quit! Get refocused and remotivated!

So, in practical terms, how do we apply these to our own New Year’s resolution? As a practical example, this can be your PLAN:


  • A clean slate… Today is your first day.. Forget anything that has gone before, any previous ‘failures’ no longer matter. This is day One and you WILL do it!
  • Have a PLAN! ANY resolution says… I want to lose weight. ANY PLAN says… With my TLC Program I will lose 6kg by 30 January.
  • Very Important… the Plan of Action!  Have your steps and stick with them… Step… Right now, phone and book my free consultation with a TLC Coach or go online and purchase my online Program.

Step 2… Have my bloodtests if required

Step 3… Prepare my kitchen and fridge with the correct food choices

Step 4.. Print out my program and set my goal and have my tools such as a scale, recipe books, a food diary

Step 5… Day 1 of the journey to weightloss and health with TLC

  • Create the proper conditions.. Make sure your family and friends are aware that you are serious about getting healthy and are on board to not sabotage you..better even, get TLC Programs for them too! Make sure your pantry is clear of temptation and you identify and avoid habits that will sabotage you, ie instead of a weekly coffee and cake with a friend, change it to a weekly nature walk with a friend.
  • Get the right help and guidance, by asking your TLC Coach. That is a huge benefit of signing on for a professional legitimate Weightloss program. And have a friend join up with you… It is proven that you are more likely to succeed if you don’t do it alone.
  • Reward yourself… But make sure the rewards are not going to sabotage your success. For instance, reward yourself with a facial or a visit to your favorite boutique, not a dinner out.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to right now!