You find yourself craving a slice of bread on a daily basis… Your mouth literally waters at the thought of a pizza… you can easily devour a large packet of potato chips (crisps) in one session…sounds familiar?

You are very likely to suffer from Carbohydrate Addiction!

Is this a real addiction? What are the consequences? How do you break this cycle of addiction?  We address these questions and solutions in this week’s series of articles (in 6 parts) on the TLC-Blog.

Carbohydrate Addiction Part 1:

What is Carbohydrate Addiction? An overview…

So you have an irresistible hunger, a morbid desire for sweets, bread, pizza or pasta; you often have low energy, suffer from lack of concentration, and unjustified mood swings? These are all symptoms of an often unrecognised condition…that you are carbohydrate addicted, or carbohydrate – dependent.

So, is this a real problem, and is it really worth the fuss?

Let’s look briefly at the main problem: Too many refined carbohydrates can lead to health problems including overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

So the main motivation to ‘make a fuss’ and address this? … Breaking a psychological or physical addiction to refined carb foods can make a difference in both your lifespan and your quality of life!

Carb addiction is a big deal. Sure, a lot of us think we have a carbohydrate addiction or can’t see living without a crusty piece of bread or a bowl of ice cream every once in a while, but true carb addiction is a breeding ground for numerous problems, from weight gain to chronic disease.
Although carbohydrate dependence is certainly less severe than other forms of addiction, it still ends with conditioning our behaviours, worsening our health, and thus limiting the quality of our lives.

So exactly what is Carbohydrate Addiction?

In a nutshell, an excessive craving for carbohydrates and rapid and easy weight gain. Just like any substance addiction, be it cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, or that frosted doughnut with sprinkles, it comes with all the classic trappings: cravings, intrusive thoughts when you go too long without a fix, and withdrawal symptoms if you try to break the cycle.

Tomorrow in Part 2 we look at the causes of Carbohydrate addiction and the vicious Carb Addiction Cycle… follow the TLC-Blog for all these insights and solutions…