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            Wilmarika - TLC-Client & Clinic Owner 
            (Montana Park Pretoria, South Africa) 2007:

            "From a very young age I struggled with my weight.  I remember being on my first diet in primary school.  It was during my university years that I began to enjoy a social life and this was when I really started to struggle with my weight.  Over the years I tried to control my weight with many different diets, diet pills, injections, shakes etc...all this only made the problem worse creating hormonal was now impossible to lose any weight at all. 

            Once I found out about the TLC-Diet and started Phase 1, I knew that I was on my way to changing my lifestyle and I knew there was hope.  The program made food my medicine and I learnt to think of food in a different way.

            Steadily I saw the weight fall off, my energy levels increase and within 13 months I had lost 77kg/170lbs...after all these years I had reached my goal weight.

            My life has completely changed.  

            I now also have the pleasure of assisting all my Clients at my own TLC-Clinic.  I am now a role model for my Clients and with the knowledge of the Program and my changed lifestyle I know that I can maintain my weight and hold on to my wellbeing. 

            I feel wonderful"

            Wilmarika's Medical File:

            Weight Lost:  77kg/170lbs
            BMI reduced from 49.07 (Morbidly Obese)
            to 24.7 (Normal)

            No more:
            Headaches, allergies, sinus, heartburn and muscle cramps.
            Exceptional improvement in energy levels.

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