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          Who We Are

          TLC-International...Key Aspects about us:
          Founded in the USA over 21 years ago in 1987, TLC-International and its authorised
          TLC-Wellbeing Clinics operate world-wide in over 150 countries.
          TLC-International is an advanced "medico-wellbeing" business that is based on a holistic,
          natural approach together with leading Medical Sciences such as Applied Bio-Genetics,
          Clinical Pathology (Blood Test Biochemistry), Advanced Wellbeing Diagnostics,
          Lifestyle Assessment, Nutrogenomics, Nutritional Science, Endocrinology and Biometrics.
          The basis of its unique TLC-Programs are to optimise Wellbeing through Science, Nutrition and Excellent Service (TLC).
          TLC-International is “global”with key scientific, product development and technical processes
          being centred in Europe, UK, RSA and the USA.
          We believe in personal service and care so specially authorised local TLC-Wellbeing Clinics
          are appointed to ensure face-face, individual, careful and effective Client Care to each Client.
 On-line (Virtual) TLC-Wellbeing Clinic also operates where no local facilities exist or, where Clients seek “virtual” care.
          Our logo "TLC" stands for The Lifestyle Clinic and also the
          Tender and Tough Loving Care we provide to each Client!
          TLC-International successfully provides unique TLC-Programs and TLC-Products to many
          hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world each year. 
          We maintain the very highest standards of quality and have a well-established reputation,
          built over 21 years, for achieving world-leading Client results through... 
          innovation, best practices, excellence, integrity, ethics and professionalism.
          We firmly commit to providing every possible support and opportunity
          for each Client to improve and optimise their Wellbeing.
          We believe...
          ...Each Client’s Wellbeing is our Business…
          Our track record over the past 21 years speaks for itself!
          Our Clients speak for our TLC-Programs! 


          Key Aspects: Our Programs
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          Message from TLC to You
          A few words from TLC to YOU. Welcome to the world of Wellbeing...Read more...
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