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              Should you weigh yourself often?
               Yes, it really helps
               No, it's too upsetting
               It doesn't matter


               Let’s face it; being overweight or obese is bad for us.

              We all know that it’s not only about what we look like on the outside, but about what is happening on the inside and how it affects our lives. Something needs to be done to change this situation.  Not only are our bodies out of balance, and our eating habits are out of control, but we also run the risk of:
              *  Serious health complications
              Developing dreaded lifestyle diseases
              Financial ruin, and
              *  The shortening of our life spans.

              In order to change, we need to find what will motivate us to take action and what will keep you determined to succeed.  Once you have made a decision to change a personalised TLC-Program will help you achieve your weightloss and wellbeing goals.  

              Recommended by doctors worldwide!
              For a quick overview on our TLC-Programs
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              All TLC-Programs are…
              Personalised, Precise, Healthy Eating Plans with Holistic Wellbeing Prescriptions based on each person's UNIQUE requirements and medical profile.  These world-leading medical, nutritional programs are recommended by doctors worldwide!



              What it does
              Many wellbeing benefits are recorded during and after doing a TLC-Program. Trained and professional TLC-Weightloss and Wellbeing Coaches guide TLC-Clients to achieve their weightloss and wellbeing goals.
              How it works
              Your UNIQUE TLC-Program will rapidly normalise and optimise major systems and hormones in your body including your Endocrine and Immune Systems... In 5 Easy Phases!
              Is it for Me?
              In most cases there is a TLC-Program that is just right for you. Whether to lose weight, lose cellulite, reduce risks of disease, TLC-Programs offer the complete package.
              Program FAQ's
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