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              MY JOURNEY TO LIFE!

              “It started some 25 years ago when I slowly started putting on weight. As a National Sales Manager for a large corporate food company, I used to leave home at 06h00 to get to work by 07h00. Whilst this enabled me some quiet time to get through the mountains of work, it meant that I did not eat breakfast. I often did not eat lunch and if I did manage to grab something, it was also quick and an on the go type of choice. When I got home in the evening, I was starving so I would polish off an enormous plate of food, laden with salt, carbs etc.
              I paid no attention to the fact that every time I was in need of new clothes; the sizes I purchased were gradually increasing. I didn’t notice the changes, didn’t pick up on the slight changes to my breathing, or how I struggled to draw breath. I chalked it up to my round belly pushing on my diaphragm.
              Over the next few years my weight climbed from around 85kgs to 108kgs!
              Fast forward a few years. I am recently divorced, about to celebrate my 65th birthday in August 2013. My daughter had been offered a new position, and her and her partner took the decision to purchase their first house. They asked if I would be interested in purchasing the property with them which I jumped at. As part of the new arrangement, life insurance had to be arranged by all three of us to cover the price of the bond. My life insurance company was happy to increase my cover, on the condition that I submitted myself for a medical. Never having had one before, I arranged with my GP to go in to see her. As part of the process, I was required to have an ECG. Not even one minute on the ECG machine, and my GP was referring me to a cardiologist for further testing.
              In September 2013, I was informed by the cardiologist that I had already suffered two minor heart attacks (masked by my Type II Diabetes). My body was packing up on me. Over the recent years I had developed high blood pressure (200/120 at times), high cholesterol (around 8), Type II Diabetes, laboured breathing and now had been told that if I didn’t lose the weight, I would not make the first quarter of 2014.
              I was shattered. I had never had more than flu over the last 15 years. How could I possibly have had two minor heart attacks and not even known?
              I came home and told my only daughter, Ashleigh, what had happened. She had successfully completed her TLC-Program earlier in 2013. She had recently signed up as a TLC Retailer, I think she had even received her Retailer Start Up Pack the same week as my cardiologist appointment. She had tried previously to convince me to try the TLC-Program, but I had always laughed it off. This time, she didn’t give me a choice and I became her very first TLC Midrand client.
              I went in for my blood tests and began my TLC journey on the 11th October 2013, with a starting weight of 102kgs. I had 25kgs to lose, and no time to do it in.
              The first week, during detox, I lost 3.5kgs. I couldn’t believe it. The following week, I lost another 1kg. 4 months later, I have lost 27kgs in total. I have lost 21 cms around my waist, 18cms around my hips, 10cms off each leg and 6cms from each arm. My blood pressure has stabilized at around 100/65, and whilst I am still on medication to keep my blood pressure and heart in check, I have decreased my medicine drastically. My blood sugar has dropped from around 8 daily, to around 5 most days and I have reduced my diabetic medication by 75%, and am hoping to be off it all together soon. My testosterone levels have increased from 7 to 31; it should be around 17 for my age. I am sleeping better than I have in decades, and my breathing has returned to normal (no wheezing).
              The worst part of this whole experience is that not one item of clothing in my wardrobe fits me anymore! My shoe size has dropped from an 8 to a size 7! I’ve gone from a 44 pants to a 34! So I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe!
              All in all, it has been an incredible journey that, one that has given me back my health, confidence, but most importantly, my life."
              Tim (March 2014)

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