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             MY TLC JOURNEY!


            "I have battled most of my adult life with my weight. After leaving school and no longer participating in regular sport activities my weight got out of control and I spent most of the time on fad diets and taking diet pills, only managing to lose a few kilos but then putting it back on again with interest. 
            2013 was my “year of healthy living”. Convinced that I was fully committed, I joined the gym in January. I did cardio two to three times a week. Four months later I realised that as much as I put in at the gym, I had been putting in my stomach too! The scale had not moved, in-fact I had put on a few more kilos.

            My reality check occurred one Monday morning, while I was getting ready for work. My husband remarked about my weight gain, a crude but brutally honest comment that I hated to hear but it was the honest to goodness truth and was long overdue.
            A friend of mine had started the TLC program and I had witnessed her positive results, but coming from the Winelands, I was very sceptical about the “NO WINE” part of the diet. (– hello, I live in Paarl – next to a wine estate). But I was now so devastated and desperate, that I contact the nearest TLC clinic on the same day and got started on the program by the following Monday.
            As they say in the classics – the rest is HISTORY. I found the diet very easy to follow – simple rules – if it is not on the food lists you can’t have it. It worked well for me. The portion sizes were more than adequate. I never felt hungry. If you stick to the rules - you will lose the weight.
            My self-confidence and self-image has improved with leaps and bounds. I love going shopping for clothes. All the new styles that I can fit into are wonderful, but I am still getting used to my new shape. I definitely feel more energetic. And yes, I can now enjoy an occasional glass on wine again.
            I would like to thank my coach, Amanda Botes for her encouragement and on-going support during all stages of the TLC program. I would also like to thank my husband for his honesty and total support during my TLC journey. It has been a life style change, not a diet.

            Watch this space – I am going to maintain my weight!!!!"

            Age – 45
            Weight Loss – 25kg - Approx 5.5 months
            Lost cm – Chest 15cm, Waist 23cm, Hips 20cm

            Theresa (January 2014)

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