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             “In November 2012 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholestrol. I am an active person for my age and was naturally shocked at the findings, I didnt want to go onto chronic medication at my age, clearly I was doing something wrong!

            My doctor recomended I see a TLC consultant to discuss my diet.
            Once on my program I realised I was eating the right things but at the wrong times....I had to get the balance right.
            With the TLC-Program and all the help, motivation and encouragement form my TLC-Coach I am pleased to say that after 4 months I have lost 16kgs, look and feel years younger.
            I am so impressed with the program that I have registered to become a TLC-Retailer myself  so I can help others to achieve their weight goals too.

            I now look forward to assisting Clients on a daily basis!”

            Thank you to Ricci at the TLC who assisted me in reaching my goals!

            Sue (April 2013)

            and here is Sue 2 years later in August 2014 - Well done Sue!

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