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              I'M ALIVE AGAIN!

              'I'm alive again!!!!!!!!
              That's how I wake up everyday now!!!

              TLC- changed my life. I was at my wits end, was obesely overweight, deadly unhappy and ill.

              I have chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and was told I must accept my weight gain because of all the medication and cortisone I have to take.

              My sister in law sent me a picture of her sister who was on a TLC-Program and had lost half her bodyweight, she looked fantastic, so I decided I needed to try it.

              TLC worked out a program based on the foods I can eat and the weight started melting off. Even when I was on cortisone I kept on losing my weight.

              I've lost a total of 22,6kg.

              Gone from a size 14 pants to size 10, shirts from 3XL to a Medium. 

              Not only is my weight down, my immune system is stronger and my Urticaria break outs are minimal to almost never. (I used to be covered over 75% of my body).

              My self image and self confidence have improved I'm back to my bubbly self, and can't stop speaking about TLC to everyone that I see.

              Thank you Jeanette (TLC-Polokwane) and TLC for giving me my life back'.

              Sonya (May 2017)

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