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             “In 2012 I decided enough was enough weighing my heaviest at 135kg. I was unhappy, embarrassed, had no self-confidence. People would stare at me. I would worry if I would fit in the restaurant chair, cinema seats or in fact any seats wherever I went. I had to worry about everything normal slimmer people never had to worry about!

            I decided to give TLC a bash and I started my journey to a healthier better me. The difference this time was that I was doing it for ME! And that is why I succeeded – it was for me NO ONE ELSE!
            From an individual who smoked, could not walk up stairs without stopping and being out of breath, walking in general was an effort to someone who now bounces around full of beans.
             I have lost 57kg in the past year and I feel AMAZING!!! I’ve had to buy a complete new wardrobe (believe me I am not complaining) and another bonus is I buy clothes in the “normal sections” now, not the larger sizes or speciality larger clothing shops. I have weaned myself off all prescribed medications, stopped smoking as well and only take a multivitamin daily. 
            I have never been happier. It feels surreal to feel “normal”. It’s the best decision I made and glad that I stuck to it. 
            Now if I, a professional chef and pastry chef can do this, then so can you!!! My favourite saying lately is “Nothing is impossible, for even those words spell I’m Possible”.

            Samantha (April 2013)

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