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            “After having my second child I started gaining weight. I went from a size 34 to a size 38 which I thought was not bad until my weight shifted me into a size 44.
            That’s when I noticed that I had a problem with my breathing and I couldn’t walk from my house to my gate without breathing hard. I started staying at home, not going to parties or family gatherings. I really hated how I looked and what I saw in the mirror!
            When I heard about TLC I was scared as I had tried many diets before and had failed so many times. Once I started my TLC-Program I followed the rules (something I had never done on a diet before) and I soon started losing weight. I learnt that FOOD WAS MY MEDICINE. I learnt how to eat the correct foods and it was really nice to eat delicious meals which were easy to prepare. 
            In the first 3 weeks my husband noticed the change and how my clothes started to loosen up. I was so excited when people started to compliment me! 
            I needed TLC to rescue me and they did.
            Now I can wear jeans and everything I wear looks great on my body. I couldn’t be happier. I feel sexy and I my skin looks more beautiful and all my blemishes have gone. I am healthy, no flu this winter so I know my immune system has improved.
            Thank you to TLC and my TLC-Weight-loss Coaches, Carey and Jenny … without your support I would not have achieved my goals. 

            27kg later I am a NEW ME!”

            Nonhlanhla (September 2012)

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