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            Neli (TLC-Gillitts Client)

            "Wow , where do I begin to tell you about my journey.

            I guess its like everyone who has been on a million and one diets and
            they never worked and so I just stopped dieting and started piling on
            the weight.

            I hated shopping and even when you saw something that was awesome you
            knew it either wouldn't fit or wouldn't look as good. It hammers your
            self confidence.

            Then last year (2011) I tried to go healthier on my own. I cut out carbs
            and did as much as I could, but if I'm honest, it wasn't totally
            Then my friend Sithu suggested I try TLC as she was on it and was loving
            it. So I went for my first consultation. Even though I'd started cutting
            down - my portion sizes were way out. So the diet was an amazing
            learning experience and wake up call for me.

            I have no idea how or why I stuck to it. I just did. It might have been
            the money I paid (lol) but honestly I don't know what it was but I stuck to it.

            Oh, I had bad days, I had terrible days when I desperately wanted a
            burger or a chocolate.  But I resisted the temptation and the next thing your jeans are a little
            loose. That's weird I remember thinking. Then I could fit into shirt I
            could never wear before and then before I knew it - I was losing weight.

            I took a picture of myself in April and I didn't recognise myself.
            The gym helped with the toning of my body. I thought I'd have excess
            skin and I don't.

            I used to gym and not eat right, or eat better and not do gym, but for
            me it was the combination of the two that did the trick.

            The thing I love the most is that if I feel I've picked up weight I can
            always go back to my phase 2. I'm perfectly happy with where I am now,
            and my eating habits have changed which is the main thing. I still have
            issues - I want a flatter stomach and I sometimes think I need to work
            my arms

            When I look at pics of myself before TLC I don't recognise myself. I
            don't fully recognise the new me either, but I'm getting there ;)

            I would highly recommend TLC to anyone. The support has been amazing.
            Its taught me so much. I just needed to have the "mind switch" and they
            have helped with making that work. If you're unhappy with your weight -
            go with TLC!!!"

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