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            “Before I joined TLC, I had tried all the tricks in the book and failed.  I went to gym 5 times a week with no success.  

            Following the TLC program is easy and do-able.  
            What I like most about it is that it is healthy and I never had hunger pangs or cravings.  
            I feel much lighter now and my confidence is back! 
            I always wanted to wear Levi Jeans but obviously they never had my size.  So I am so happy now to be wearing my Levi’s in a size 28-29 … wonderful that I can just walk into the store and fit into them! 
            Thank you to Precious at the TLC-Gillitts branch of  TLC for all her encouragement and helping me to finally reach my goals!” 
             Nana’s Results:  

            ·         Weight Lost:  12kg
            ·         Hip CM Loss:  10cm 
            ·         Waist CM Loss:  10cm

            ·         BMI:  27.30 to  23.91 (normal)

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