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            "My doctor, in her wisdom advised that my weight was negatively effecting my health and unless I reduced weight drastically I would be a perfect candidate for life style diseases.

            My cholesterol and insulin levels were through the roof and my back and legs were buckling under the pressure. She referred me to Maria van Emmenes (TLC-Centurion) who introduced me to TLC-Program. At first I was intimidated by what I had seen, as by this time I had tried just about every diet doing the rounds. However after thorough research I realised that it is more than just a diet but rather more of a life style program, with an impressive success rate. As always there were the negative comments I had to contend with but I had reached a point where I decided that this was what I needed and boy am I glad I did.

            I went down from 135.2 kg to 93 kg, a whopping 42 kg in 5 months in addition dropping 30 + centimetres off my waist line. My insulin stabilised, cholesterol levels are perfect not to mention how good my blood pressure is . I will admit it is not an easy journey but the invaluable support and encouragement from the TLC team made it a bearable one. As I progressed into the program  further time I learnt how to manage the withdrawal symptoms better from all the junk that you eat and used to call food

            I am eternally grateful to the TLC team for getting to this point in my life. I know that my journey is not over but I am loving the ride. My advice to anyone considering this program is be resolute and do not cheat. The journey may be tough the destination is well worth the effort”

            Michael (June 2016)

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