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              Message from TLC to You

              TLC-International...A few words from TLC to You:

               Firstly, welcome to the world of Wellbeing and thank you for taking the time to read this…it will be well-worth your future Wellbeing!
               At TLC we value and take great pride in the following facts...

              As a Client it is important to us that you know...Your Wellbeing is our Business!
              Our logo "TLC" stands for The Lifestyle Clinic and also the Tender and Tough Loving Care
              we provide to each Client!  Tender...because we know that Clients need good quality, supportive and really caring service.  Tough...because we know that a real solution to your improved wellbeing must be exact, clear and precise for real success. 
              TLC...because we really want you to succeed and
              become a whole new You!
              Our TLC-Programs: 
              *  Are based on leading international Medical and Wellbeing research conducted all over the world over  
                  the past 30 years.
              *  Results are clearly supported by exact scientific data of each Client in each instance...with scientific
                  tests "Before and After" a TLC-Program.
              *  Efficacy and Results are proven by formal studies conducted on over 10 000 TLC-Program Clients 
                  over a 10 year period.
               With over 25 years of operations, over 150 specialist teams and processes, ongoing scientific research, leading technology, and many hundreds of thousands of successful Clients each year...
              we know we can help you achieve your Wellbeing goals and needs.
              Of course, it will take effort and commitment from yourself but, the good news is that within days your body-chemistry...mind and body...will help make it easier aseach day passes.
              In most instances, early results and positive effects will be visible in days!
              To support your journey towards your greater Wellbeing we offer a whole range of
              wonderful support processes and mechanisms. “Surf”this Website to find details on all these
              special facilities such as: TLC-Well-log™, TLC-Club, TLC-Newsletters, TLC-Supplements,
              TLC-Opportunities, TLC-Recipes and TLC-Testimonials.
              In this highly competitive and often unethical market...that is unfortunately full of "fad" diets,
              programs and potions that promise the world and do not deliver on promises…
              we guarantee our TLC-Program results...our results speak for themselves...
              our Clients become our walking adverts.
              In fact, after TLC-Program completion, many Clients enjoy the experience, benefits and results so much, that they choose to continue with key aspects of their new lifestyle and intake!
              Your Greater Wellbeing is weeks away!
              Once successful: As a past Client
               it is also important to us that you know...
              That we also do offer...
              Continued Wellbeing Support and Services and,
              Unique Income-Earning and Business Opportunities
              available to successful Clients...

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