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               “I was overweight, no rather obese, for many years.  Yes, I didn’t want to be fat and had a lack of willpower.  I tried various diets and only once did I manage to lose 20+ kg but ….. I didn’t stabilise.  You know what happens then….  I picked up all the weight again, and by pure luck no additional weight!  Last year I decided enough is enough.  My sister-in-law was on the TLC program 4 years ago and she since managed to keep her weight down, and for this reason I made a life changing decision and contacted TLC. 

              Luck had it that a lady friend of mine was in the same position as me and I convinced her to join me as it is always encouraging to have someone dieting with you.  Ten months later we both finished our stabilisation program. I have lost 40kg and my aim is to keep it down. The result of the weight lost is amazing, the compliments regarding the way I look, the smaller clothes and the figure I see in the mirror gives me a lot of confidence in myself.  
              Hats off to the TLC-Consultant for all the motivation during this period!!”

              Marinda (July 2013)

              Marinda is still at goal and is now a TLC-Ambassador!
              (April 2016)

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