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            I LOVE THE NEW ME!

             My road to overall well-being and good health had not only been a physical transformation, but an emotional, psychological, and social transformation.  

            TLC was my card to a better me by losing 24kg.   
            My over-indulgence in tasty treats and my slacking off from exercise caught up to me in a drastic way.  I tried many times to lose weight by consuming pills, shakes or silly soup detoxes. These quick-fixes sometimes enabled me to lose 10kg at a time, but I would always relapse and return at a quicker rate to the same state I was in before. Sometimes, I even ended weighing more than I did before I began a particular diet.

            On the surface I was looking happy and friendly, but inside I was screaming with hatred towards myself.  I was so ashamed to end up on 99.1 kg.  

            I decided to make a life changing choice to be a better, more happier and beautiful woman with self-confidence in her forties.  

            Within the first week I lost 4kgs and that was the booster to let my go all the way.  I started every Saturday with a 5 kilometre run in the park and became fitter by the day.  

            With discipline I prepared my meals the evening before for the following day to ensure that I didn’t have urges to eat unnecessary unhealthy food.  

            The journey to a better me was not always easy but with determination to achieve my goals and with the support of my life partner and my TLC Coach, Jannet Swarts, it was possible to reach my goals. 

            I love the new me!!”

            Lorraine (February 2015)

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