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            Key Aspects: Our Programs

            TLC-International...Key Aspects about our

            TLC-Programs are a precise, personalised and unique “prescription” for each Client’s
            greater Wellbeing and...only require the intake of “simple” foods in specific
            quantities and artificial potions or pills are required.
            Certain nutritional supplements such as vitamins are recommended as important
            for overall Wellbeing but, are in most instances, not essential to achieve TLC-Program results. Primarily, they are an additional “turbo-charge” to improved Wellbeing.
            TLC-Programs are a safe, balanced eating and lifestyle regime where...
            “food and specific lifestyle aspects become each Client’s best medicine.”
            These world-leading TLC-Programs achieve rapid, safe and effective results which
            successfully target, resolve and prevent a range of up to 350 specific
            Medical and Wellbeing conditions.
            Some of the many common conditions resolved and/or, addressed include:
            Weight-loss, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Insulin-Sensitivity,
            Metabolic Syndrome, Gastric Conditions, IBS, PCOS, Fertility, Virility, Anti-aging,
            Skin Conditions and Rejuvenation, Stress, Sleep quality and, certain Lifestyle-based
            dread-diseases such as Cancer and Cardiac Disease.
            TLC-Program Efficacy and Results are fully substantiated and supported by considerable
            and significant international research, including specific studies conducted on over
            10 000 TLC-Program Clients over a 10 year period.  The result of a TLC-Program is rapidly improved Wellbeing and, a significant reduction of health risk factors within
            (in most instances) a few days/weeks.
            To achieve these results, unique processes are utilised to analyse up to 3500 factors
            (unique to each Client) to develop and produce precise, highly personalised,
            TLC-Programs with recommended “Wellbeing Prescriptions” for each Client.
            TLC's focus is people's Holistic Wellbeing…and, not simply using just one theory or viewpoint…
            TLC-Programs are comprehensive and based on a wide range of Medical, Wellbeing and
            Complementary Health disciplines to ensure thebest quality treatment and outcomes!
            Client Safety and Wellbeing is a priority:  All Client diagnostic data is individually assessed by
            TLC-Appointed Medical Specialists and Unique Processes, whilst it is also specified
            that each Client must seek to involve the participation of their GP or Family Doctor
            in their journey of rejuvenation and renewed Wellbeing.

            In fact:

            The value and results of one visit to a TLC-Wellbeing Clinic to do a TLC-Program has been explained as equal to a taking the time and money to visit a whole range of many leading doctors and specialists! Real time-saving...Real value...Real results!
            A range of diagnostic evaluations ranging from detailed Medical Health and Wellbeing
            profiles to Nutritional Evaluation to Blood test Pathology is required
            (dependent on each Client’s specific needs and profile). 
            Typically, TLC-Programs take 2-3 months to complete with specific guidelines
            being provided to maintain achieved Wellbeing through a balanced, “normal” lifestyle.

             Our TLC-Program Results speak for themselves...

             ...Our Clients Speak for us...
            Each Client’s Wellbeing is our Business…

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