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            I will NEVER be FAT again!

             Interesting enough, my TLC story begins in 2014.
            After trying a lot of diets and diet pills, my husband in June 2014 decided to “help” me and ordered Garcinia cambogia pills from the USA. Now everyone that understands the thinking of a woman will know what I immediately thought: “my husband is not happy with me anymore!!”
            Well, needless to say, the pills that (according to the adverts) work with eating whatever you want and without any exercises did not work at all. I tried some “Wonderwerkdiëet” and a “28-day diet”, the doctor prescribed tablets, which only made me depressed. Nothing worked and I thought I will just be fat all my life.
            In January 2015 I saw Maggie Groenewald’s testimony on Facebook and since I knew Marinda le Roux who lost ±40kg’s on the TLC-programme about 3 years ago I thought that I can just as well give it a go.
            I never thought the joining fee was too much, as I spent ±R500 a month on diet tablets.
            Amanda Botes (my coach) got in touch with me and explained how the whole programme works.
            I went for the blood tests and started detox on 21 January 2015.  At that stage I weighed 105,8kg.  I could not understand the concept of eating “normal” during the day, but thought it would be best doing everything “according to the book” …. I have not used sugar or alcohol for many years and I do generally not eat a lot of bread, therefore it was not a very big adjustment. What was worse for me, was not being able to use milk.
            On 27 January 2015 I started with Phase 2. I then thought that the detox was a “walk in the park”. For the first 3 weeks I was constantly hungry and tired. If I could go to bed at 18:00 I would have done that. I found it easier to pack my breakfast, lunch and fruit the night before and could not get into bed before 22:00.
            The first few weeks I could not believe the weight loss. I think that must be why I stuck to the programme. My coach was motivating me, she created a group on WhatsApp and the ladies motivate and support each other all the time. Never mind what time you feel you need to share something, someone will be there to support you or be excited with you.
            I was so excited when my weight dropped below 90kg’s. I remember it was a Sunday-morning and I posted something on WhatsApp. Everyone was so happy for me and congratulated me. Everyone just wanted me to share pic’s … it was unbelievable to already see the change between my photo in January and my photo on 22 March 2015.
            In June 2015 we went to a family function in Port Shepstone. We stayed in Amanzimtoti, as I wanted to meet Amanda. We had coffee together and it was so nice being able to share my ups and downs with Amanda.
            I then discussed the issue of moving my goal weight with Amanda and she supported my decision of moving my goal weight from 70 to 65kg’s. It must have been one of the happiest days of my life when I reached 64,3kg on 4 August 2015.
            I did not lose any weight whilst on SP, but my weight now stays between 64,5 and 66 and I am quite happy with that.
            It was lovely to wear a skirt to work on Spring-day for the 1st time in many years.
            All the time I had so much support from my husband. At first he could not believe that I actually stuck to the programme, but even helped me weigh my food. He never complained if he had to sort something out for himself to eat. He would even eat just a salad with his steak and not chips, for me not to be tempted. He now call me his 3rd wife. He said he got married to Jakkie No 1, then he had Jakkie No 2 after the kids and now he has Jakkie No 3. ☺

            I had the best “team” behind me all the time. I will never, ever be fat again"

            Jakkie (September 2015)

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