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            How it works

            Your UNIQUE TLC-Program will rapidly normalise and optimise major systems and hormones in your body including your Endocine and Immune Systems.  Specific quantities, types and combinations of normal foods are used to create the required chemical balance in your body to trigger the correct processes ...

            Starting your rapid journey to greater wellbeing!

            All it takes are 5 Easy Steps .. Your TLC-Phases to Success:




            PHASE ONE: Your TLC-SDP (Starter Detox Plan)

            This important Phase of the TLC-Program is the shortest Phase. During this phase you will prepare for Phase 2 by shopping for all the new delicious foods you will be allowed on your TLC-Program.  By starting this Phase, getting used to eating the correct foods, your will begin to "kick-start" your metabolism and also detox the body.  Detoxification is necessary and normal…a very good indicator that your TLC-Program is starting to work well.

            PHASE TWO:  Your UNIQUE TLC-Program with specific Wellbeing Prescriptions
            Your TLC-Program is designed specifically for you and your wellbeing. During this exciting Phase of the TLC-Program you will see and feel many changes.  Weight loss is steady over the duration of the phase with energy levels increasing, reduced anxiety and stress, reduced cravings and no more heartburn.  In some profiles many medical conditions will resolve/improve (Diabetes Type 2, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Spastic Colon).  Skin will firm eliminating the "hanging skin" which is often common with weight loss programs - the TLC-Program™ does the opposite...due to the stimulation of the human Growth Hormone.
            PHASE THREE:  Your TLC-Stabilisation Program
            This Phase of the TLC-Program is between 2-4 weeks long. This allows for the precise re-introduction of additional foods and a “normal” lifestyle and eating habits. If you do not do this Phase of the TLC-Program you will reverse all the good you have achieved over the weeks/months while on Phase 2 of the Program.
            PHASE FOUR:
            Your TLC-Lifestyle Guidelines ... and more

            At this point your body will have stabilised and will be able to cope with "normal" food intake.  Phase 4 provides all the tools to guide you on your journey to ultimate long term health and wellbeing.  This process will ensure that you maintain your new found wellbeing.  Now you can maintain your healthy goal weight.

            PHASE FIVE... MIND, BODY & SOUL

            This Phase of the TLC-Program allows you to take care of the MIND, BODY AND SOUL. 

            Ask the nearest TLC-Centre for more information.

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