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          “Every two years we do a family photo shoot! In December 2012 my husband, daughter andI were ready for action and could not wait to see the final photo’s. I received the CD, but after I saw the final photo’s, I knew I had to do something about my weight! 

          I had no idea how and then I saw on Facebook people talking about the TLC-Wellbeing Program!
          I did some research about the TLC-Wellbeing programs, but was still sceptical.  Getting more and more frustrated with the fact that no clothes would, I watched those people losing the kilo’s!

          I decided to go and speak to one of TLC’s retailers, Amanda Botes and luckily she was on my doorstep! In just over 3 months and a lot of motivation from Amanda, I have lost 19kg’s and feel great… For the first time in my life I’m wearing a size 12 pants.  

          TLC ROCKS!”

          Hanri (June 2013)

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