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            CHALLENGE 2015!

            Congratulations to Frank de Sousa winner of our Winter 90 Day Slim Down Challenge!Frank (October 2015)

            Frank did his program with TLC-Weightloss Coach Jenny Schlenk in Cape Town
            Start weight: 103.8kg Now: 78.2 kg – total loss 25.6kg
            Total cm loss: 62.5cm

            Here is my story:

            "My long journey to the fat person I was 4 months ago was slow and relentless and apart from two difficult and unhealthy attempts at weight loss over the last 15 years keeping my weight in check was always unsuccessful as it all came back eventually. 103.8kgs was my tipping point.  I knew that something had to change and thankfully I was referred to Jenny Schlenk by my GP Dr Smith who's only concern about my heath was my weight.

            I set myself the challenge of fitting into my wedding suit for my 27th wedding anniversary and eventually on the 17th September 2015 I successfully wore my suit while holding the photo(below) of our wedding day 27 years ago. 

            On the 29th of September I passed my goal weight and took a photo(above) of myself with seven bags of potatoes which represented the almost 26kgs that I had now lost on the TLC program. 

            I look and feel 20 years younger and can personally vouch for the fact that for me the journey was relatively easy and no massive amounts of willpower were required to loose the weight that I lost. As long as the food on my prescription was weighed and cooked as per instruction I experienced no cravings or hunger throughout the program. I could'nt believe how easy the process was.  

            Winning the 90 day challenge would be really rewarding but for me personally I feel that I have already won something of much more value. I feel that I am now physically the person I was 27 years ago and there is no price one can place on that.  

            Thank you Jenny and thank you TLC!” 

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