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              TLC-Sales Associate
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              • Earn up to US$ 5 000 a month (convert to your own local currency)!
              • An amazing, simple and highly rewarding opportunity in a Global Business that successfully treats 1000’s of people, including celebrities and royalty, in over 100 countries, and has done so for over 27 years (since 1987).
              • Safe, personalised, holistic, natural, balanced, scientifically and medically-based TLC-Programs that have over 350 proven benefits including: Rapid weight-loss, reduced dread disease (Cardiac and Cancer) risks, resolution of diabetes 2, increased fertility, anti-ageing, and improved immune system rejuvenation.  
              • Backed by research and recommended by leading Specialists and Doctors world-wide as a World-leader: “The healthiest and most effective diet regime in the World!” No “potions”...natural foods with tasty recipes become the body’s best medicine! The dramatic results, in weeks, speak for themselves!
              • To become a TLC-Sales Associate is simple and “catches” or fees like many other Websites: You simply read this, complete the application form (below), agree to the included basic, simple terms and conditions, receive (by e-mail) your required unique registration number and all the simple steps/info to become a successful TLC-Sales start signing-up Clients Online (on our Website)...and earning a great commission in hours! And that’s not all...want even more extra income...see our TLC-Online Shop...and also sell our world-leading products for great profits as well! Becoming one of our many successful TLC-Sales Associates all over the World!
              • And, within hours, you can start earning commission for every Client you help sign-up (for Online Treatment with their own unique TLC-Program)! 
              • You may do this part-time or, full-time (even as part of another business/career for extra income) and all you need is access to the Internet, and to help friends/family/others (from anywhere in the World) sign-up and agree to/do their treatment.
              • This is done on our Websites and, by completing the treatment application form with the Client and, ensuring your unique Registration Number is included (so your commission can be paid to you).
              • Once they have their TLC-Program, our Online Clinics (staffed by Specialists) take care of them and provide all the support they require.
              • To help you sell and sign-up Clients: We will send you information that lists all the unique selling points/benefits (USP’s) of our TLC-Programs, you may also purchase high quality pamphlets/brochures from our Online Shop and, in addition, you may also decide to sell our special branded supplements and other products at the TLC-Online Shop to increase your income even more.
              • Simple...easy and most rewarding.Helping people become well in weeks and earning great rewards while doing this!
              • The World awaits You...An ever-growing market with over 2 billion people now needing a real solution such as our unique TLC-Programs...for their better Health and Wellbeing in weeks!
              • And that is not all!  Build your own business-up and...when you do really well...we also offer career opportunities to become a TLC-Ambassador or, even owning your own TLC-Wellbeing Clinic...with even greater reward potential!  Don't delay ... apply now!

              The TLC-Sales Associate
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