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              APPLICATION FORM


              • A real business opportunity with potential turnover of up to US$ 50 000 a month and monthly net profit margins in excess of 40%... US$ 20 000!  (Convert to your local currency).
              • A unique business opportunity that will only be awarded to serious applicants and committed business people who realise, as with any business, that: Success = Effort + Wisdom + Dedication + Investment.
              • Based in a Global Business that successfully treats 1000's of people, including Celebrities and Royalty, in over 100 countries, and has done so for over 27 years (since 1987).
              • Safe, personalised, holistic, natural, balanced, scientifically and medically-based TLC-Programs that have over 350 proven benefits including:  Rapid weight-loss, reduced dread disease (Cardiac and Cancer) risks, resolution of diabetes 2, increased fertility, anti-ageing, and improved immune system rejuvenation.
              • Backed by research and recommended by leading Specialists and Doctors world-wide as a World-leader.  "The healthiest and most effective diet regime in the World!"  No "potions" ...natural foods with tasty recipes become the body's best medicine!  The dramatic results, in weeks, speak for themselves!
              • To become a TLC-Retailer-Clinic you simply read this, complete the application form (below), agree to the included basic, clear terms and conditions, and then submit the application for TLC-International's further processing and consideration.
              • An e-mail reply is sent (within 14 days) including whether your applicaiton has been approved.
              • On approval, you will be required to submit additional information (including a full Business Plan, and detials of the intended Business Premises) and pay the required Registration Fee of US$ 5 000 within 7 days (convert to equivalent in your local currency) to receive your unique TLC-Retailer-Clinic registration number.
              • Once this is processed and Registration has occurred, you will receive additional, essential information.
              • Your journey to becoming a successful TLC-Retailer-Clinic then starts (business set-up and start-up is normally required within 1-2 months from Registration date).
              • You may only do this full-time (even as part of another business) but, the minimum requirement is that an average of not less than 6-8 hours per day and 5 days per week are committed (by yourself) to operating your TLC-Retailer-Clinic/Business.
              • The essential tools you will require include:  1) Approved Premises (Commercial/Home) with appropriate, professional office space for personal (face-face) Client (TLC-Program) consultations, service and care, 2) A computer (any) with access to the Internet, 3) A teleophone/cell-mobile, and 4) A stock of basic admin/marketing materials and ... access to our unique TLC-Systems and Tools for your success (see below).
              • To help you sell and sign-up Clients:  We will send you information that lists all the unique selling points/benefits (USP's) of our TLC-Programs, and you must also select and purchase from a range of high quality Business Starter-Packs (incluidng adverts/pamphlets/brochures) from our TLC-Online Shop.
              • Your Clients may be obtained from anywhere, but service and care must be primarily personal (face-face) with the use of technology (Internet/e-mails/Social Media/Cell-mobile) as support ... ensuring excellent personal service/care and quality at all times.
              • A back-ground in the medical/wellbeing industry, although beneficial, is not required ... all the essential specialist support, tools and systems are provided.  Sound business & people skills and committment essential.
              • All business processes will be fully explained during orientation and training (via Skype and other processes).
              • A wide range of TLC-Support Systems, TLC-Tools and TLC-Specialists exist as close-support for each TLC-Retailer-Clinic.  While this is not a franchise, many of the positive aspects exist (close support etc.).
              • In addition, you will also be required to sell our special branded supplements and other products at the TLC-Online Shop to increase your income and Clinet care and service quality even more.
              • Actually, quite simple ... easy and most rewarding.  Helping people become well in weeks and earning great rewards while doing this!
              • The World awaits You ... An ever-growing market with over 2 billion people now needing a real solution such as our unique TLC-Programs ... for their better Health and Wellbeing in weeks!
              • And that is not all!  Build your own business-up and ... when you do really well ... we will also offer additional and unique business growth opportunities for you to expand and appoint TLC-Ambassadors to increase your sales, income and profits ... Don't delay ... apply now!

              The TLC-Retailer-Clinic: TLC-Wellbeing Clinic

              APPLICATION FORM:


              PLEASE DO NOT FILL IT IN.


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              Date of Birth:
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              Marital Status:
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              Business Address:
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              Presently residing in:
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              Mobile/Cell Number:
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              Home Telephone:
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              Work Telephone:
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              If you have Skype, please enter your Skype ID:   

              E-Mail Address:  *

               * I have read the Terms and Conditions for TLC-Retailers and
              agree to full compliance as specified. View Terms and Conditions

              Facebook Profile and Details/Address (if applicable):  

              Proposed TLC-Retailer area you wish to operate in (e.g. City and Country):
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              *Where did you hear about TLC?   


              Have you done a TLC-Program?
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              Do you need to do a TLC-Program (based on your image/health profile)?
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              Is your Wellbeing-profile Healthy (add any comments)?

              It is required that you run the business full-time:
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              Provide comments (if any):

              Do you have/own an existing business (including own business name and branding) that you would like to add TLC-Programs/Products/Services to?
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              If so, please provide details:

              Have you ever managed your own business?
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              If so, please provide details:

              Your Home Language?   

              Can you speak, read and write English?
              Important Note: The business/operational language of TLC-International, its TL©-Programs and Services are/is in English only.
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              Other languages you can speak, read and write:  

              What is your current occupation/business? Give details: *

              List your Key Professional and Other Qualifications? Give details: *

              Although not essential for being a TLC-Retailer-Clinic, briefly list any Wellbeing/Health/Medical Industry Experience you may have. Give details:

              Motivation/General Comments: *

              Thank you for your time. Note: An automated e-mail confirmation of your application will be processed to yourself within 48 hours.

              You will be notified via e-mail (within 14 days) whether your application has been successful and the required actions for your formal Registration as a TLC-Retailer-Clinic.

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