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            (Elke changed her life and became a TLC-Retailer)

             “For as long as I can remember, I’ve battled with my weight. Over the years I became more and more frustrated! My final straw was not being able to fit into my biggest pair of jeans and that same day not being able to keep up with my two boys. 
            I made a promise to myself to find a healthy eating plan that would see me through to the end and help me maintain my weight and a healthy lifestyle. 
            I heard about TLC from my sister-in-law who successfully lost her weight through the program – and kept it off! After my initial consultation I started with my TLC-Detox Plan and a week later my eating plan was ready. 
            I started Phase 2 and was surprised by how easy it was. It was amazing how quickly I started losing weight and soon everyone was commenting and noticing my dramatic weight loss.
            I was so inspired by the weight I’d lost and the positive impact it had on my life, that I decided I wanted to help other people too. I knew what it felt like to be unhappy and overweight. TLC was so easy for me to follow, that I thought if I can do this why can’t I help others to achieve their goals in a short period of time?  After contacting TLC-HQ, I paid for my Start-Up Pack and Registration, converted a spare room outside our house into a consulting room and within weeks I was ready to start.
            I loved the interaction from the very first minute. Word spread through clients, family and friends, and soon I had enough regular clients to keep me going. 

            It has always been my dream to help people and with TLC as a business I can now fulfil that dream.
            I get a lot of joy from helping people and feel enriched by what I do. Knowing I am helping my clients change their lives is incredible. I love that I can work the hours I want and can be flexible around my family. I set my own hours and have the comfort of being my own boss, being in control and taking care of myself physically as well. My running costs are low and my profits are high!“
            Elke (August 2012)

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