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              I AM A HAPPY TLC CLIENT!

               It has been a good and challenging journey, a journey that has change my life for good. When I joined TLC at the end of November last year 2016, I told myself that I wanted to achieve what I've never done in my life before. All my life I have been struggling with obesity. I cannot recall a time when I was below 100kg.

              I tried everything that people were recommending to me and nothing worked to my satisfaction. A friend recommended TLC I then went on the internet to look for one near my area then I found Amanda Botes and she has guided me every step of the way until I finally reach my goal. I have lost a total of 24kg from 119kg to 95kg. From size 42 in November 2016 to size 36 in April 2017.

              I now love myself more than anything and even my wife loves the new me, everything I wear looks good on me. I can now wear anything I want. I love the new me its like I've gain my youth back.

              Thanks you so much TLC you have change my life. To Amanda thank you very much for the support and guidance you gave me keep up the good work and help millions to lose weight.

              If I did it anybody can do it you just have to tell yourself that I can do it.

              Kind Regards
              Dennis Sifiso Zikhali (happy client) May 2017


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