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              “Wow what a journey it has been.  In my wildest dreams I never thought that this day would come.... I have been overweight for many many years.

              I saw an old friend of mine who had lost so much weight and obviously I asked how she did it. There and then I made the decision that it was now or never.  If she could do it so could I!  I Made the  appointment with TLC and started, gave myself a realistic goal and time line to lose my weight.

              I stuck to the programme, never cheated, not even a gram... Today I am so grateful for TLC as I have lost half of what I used to weigh!!!  I no longer take diabetic or cholesterol medication, my blood pressure tablets have been reduced. I am a different person. It has given me a new meaning for life, I see things differently...  Life is beautiful...  The day does not have enough hours as I have this boost of energy in me.

              I can truly recommend TLC to anyone, it works!

              It takes determination and commitment, and you have to stay focused on yourself!!!

              Do it for yourself and no one else!!!  It is your own unique recipe for the rest of your life!”

              Deirdre (January 2017)

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