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            “Shoo, I feel like it has been forever since I have been battling with weight loss.
            This dates back to my teenage years, when I was 16 years old to be more specific. I started then to binge, starve myself & tried to sneak some pills  if I could. By the time I was 20, I had tried shakes, meal replacements with pills, Cabbage soup diet, some drops which promised to suppress my appetite. I would always go for the quick fixes which worked for a while however as soon as I started eating unhealthily again, I would gain it all back sometimes even double the weight. So basically I loved rich fattening food with no self control whatsoever or even the knowledge to eat correctly. 
            This yo-yo dieting carried on till I got married in 2011. We have a beautiful baby girl who was born in March 2013. I had gained about 12-15 kg with the pregnancy then lost it soon after she was born. My weight then ranged from about 80-85. So with breastfeeding I ate non-stop. Sometimes every 3-4 hours and it was really bread, chips & all the unhealthy food you could think of I craved.
            At the end of 2013, we had a work year end, I obviously did not have any clothes that could fit so I had to go shopping, it was then when I realised that this had to stop! I could not fit in any size 14 or 16. It broke my heart to have to now buy a size 18.  I was so depressed and disappointed in myself. My last straw was in January 2014 when I could not perform the most minuscule tasks without breathing heavily with a lot of effort. I could not imagine not being able to play with my daughter one day just because I am too heavy . On January 3rd , 2014, myself & a friend of mine decided to get ourselves checked at Dischem, to check cholesterol, blood pressure & diabetes testing. I weighed 90.4 kg. I could not believe my eyes, in shock, knowing that both my parents have high blood pressure, both my grandmothers and that my grandfather died of stroke, an aunt who is diabetic etc. I decided to do something about my weight and fight for a healthier lifestyle. There is no better time than now. 
            I was looking for a place to help me lose weight, my primary goal was to learn how to eat correctly &  make it a lifestyle. Weight loss is inevitable, maintaining a healthy active lifestyle is the challenge. Another friend from the office told me about TLC for wellbeing. I was really impressed with the results I saw & the fact that there were no pills injections. I decided to give it a try, determined to change my whole view of food and learn how to eat correctly for life & good health. I joined TLC sometime in January & officially started on my eating plan on the 15 February 2014. I feel GREAT, very energetic, better than I have felt in years. I could not have done it without my supportive loving husband. He always encouraged me to stick to the plan & would always make sure that there’s food for my diet. He would stock up on whatever I needed. He also really led by example, he loves the gym & eats well too. 
            I am so super grateful to Precious (TLC-Call Centre) who introduced me to Sue Kock (TLC-Kempton Park), my mentor, she has been such an amazing support and trainer. Her consistency and realness is what has really helped me realise that this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. I still have 2-3 kilos to lose, I feel fabulous. I cannot remember the last time I was this small, I actually fit in my high school jeans, how Awesome is that!
            THANK YOU TLC, You are the best!!”

            Coretta (June 2014)

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