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          Clinic Details

          Town/City: Durban
          Province/State: KwaZulu-Natal
          Country: South Africa South Africa
          Telephone: 076 850 7012
          Contact Name: Amanda Botes
          Cell/Mobile: 076 850 7012

          Tried everything…Now is the time to do the right thing…join TLC!

          Your journey to a New,Slim and Healthier you!  TLC uses unique world-leading Genetic Research and Nutritional Science to design a personalised TLC-Program for each client with results in rapid, safe and long lasting results.  We believe in a holistic approach. No pills, no injections and no shakes.

          Your TLC-Program will include unique Lifestyle Guildelines when you have reached your Goal Weight… NO DIETING EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!  Let me assit you and you WILL be Successful.  For a free assessment…. Contact me today!

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