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              Ashleigh and Tim

              WE HAVE A NEW LIFE!

              Ashleigh lost 7kg on her TLC-Program and then became a TLC-Retailer. 

              This is her story:

              “My dad (Tim) and I were serial dieters. We’d both come across a random diet that had worked for a friend, colleague or family member, so we’d dive right in. We’d both often lose a bit of weight, but as soon as we resumed “normal” life, the weight came right back plus more. I’d heard about TLC, so decided to take a leap of faith. So I signed up and started my journey. Once I lost my 7kg I felt great, confident and loved that I could fit into my clothes again. I then became a TLC-Retailer and opened my own Clinic.
               I tried to convince my dad to do the program with me, but he didn’t see a problem with his weight, didn’t believe that all of his health problems were an issue, or linked to his weight, and was not interested at all. 
               In September 2013 my dad had a massive health scare. This scare pushed him to sign up for the program. I was his coach, and while I managed him closely in the first week or two, he quickly settled in and started to make huge progress, all on his own.   
              All in all he lost 27kg.
               I couldn’t be prouder of what he has achieved. He is my hero, my mentor and the best parent I could ever have asked for. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but I am hopeful that TLC has added both years, and quality of life to his journey."

              Ashleigh (March 2014)
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