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              Ambassador Terms and Conditions

              (with effect from: 1st July 2014)

              TLC-International and its appointed representatives hereby stipulate the following Terms and Conditions for TLC-Ambassadors : In doing so, all parties agree that:

              1.        A TLC-Ambassador is required to comply fully, at all times, to all Terms and Conditions including TL©-Program and Online Shop Terms and Conditions as indicated on TLC-International’s Websites.  
              2.        A unique TLC-Ambassador registration number will only be issued by TLC-International, and only if the required Application Form is completed and Registration Fee, which is non-refundable, is paid.
              3.        The Registration Fee is US$ 500 (five hundred US dollars: Convert to equivalent in own local currency) and payment must be received by TLC-International within 7 (seven) days of invoice date.
              4.        TLC-International shall, at any time and in any event, be reasonable and fair but, also reserves the right to register/de-register a TLC-Ambassador, should any non-compliance occur.
              5.        A TLC-Ambassador is not an employee of TLC-International but, an independent business/self-employed individual.
              6.        A TLC-Ambassador may operate full-time or, part-time and/or, as part of another existing business/career but, agrees to committing an average of no less than 12 (twelve) hours per week to the specified activities of a TLC-Ambassador.
              7.        A TLC-Ambassador is required to conform to a healthy, professional image at all times. To ensure this optimum wellbeing and image: A TLC-Ambassador must diligently complete a TL©-Program when indicated.
              8.        A TLC-Ambassador is required to set-up and start-up business activities within 1 (one) month from Registration date, unless otherwise approved by TLC-International.
              9.        A TLC-Ambassador is required to sell/market/promote TL©-Programs, process Client signing-up for treatment (as specified) and provide specified personalised (face-face) Client care and service processes.
              10.      A clear understanding and working knowledge of: 1) The TL©-Program Unique Selling Points (USP’s), 2) The contents of TLC-International’s Websites/Social Media  and, 3) Client Treatment Application form and process,  provided by TLC-International, is required to ensure his/her effective promotion, marketing, sales, Client service and care.
              11.      A TLC-Ambassador must diligently comply with all training and admin requirements as specified by TLC-International.
              12.      Client payment processing via the TLC-Ambassador (by the Client) must occur as specified and agreed to by TLC-International.
              13.      All Pricing (for TL©-Programs and products/services at the TLC-Online Shop) for Clients are set on TLC-International’s Websites, and must be in accordance with these TLC-Pricing Retail Schedules. In turn, the TLC-Ambassador will be charged, as specified, a set TL©-Program Product Price and related Support/Admin Fee by TLC-International per TL©-Program sold. The difference would be his/her gross profit per sale.
              14.      TLC-Ambassadors are required to make the specified full payment for: 1) TL©-Programs, up-front and before any processing/production and,            2) Products/Services from the TLC-Online Shops, before delivery.
              15.      Alternatively, and if applicable and specifically-approved, month-end invoices shall be diligently-processed by the 26th of each month by TLC-International. TLC-Ambassadors are then required to make full payment (without fees or any reductions) for receipt by TLC-International by no later than the last day of the given month. 
              16.      A TLC-Ambassador shall not make any warrantees and only promote, market and make claims that are contained in the TL©-Program Unique Selling Points (USP) and related materials and information provided by TLC-International and available on our Websites.
              17.      TLC-Ambassadors must at all times ensure that Clients are made fully aware of the specific TL©-Program Client Treatment Terms and Conditions (available on TLC-International Websites and materials).
              18.      TLC-Ambassadors must ensure diligent Client-screening relative to the provided TL©-Program Indications and Contra-indications (people that can/cannot be effectively treated). Any uncertainty must be promptly referred to TLC-International for a final decision/input/advice.
              19.      To maintain registration as a TLC-Ambassador, an average of no less than 5 (five) TL©-Programs Sales per month is required and will be assessed every 3 (three) months. Non-compliance, in this instance, may result in de-registration as a TLC-Ambassador.
              20.      TLC-Ambassadors must select and purchase from a range of marketing materials (TLC-Business Starter Kits, materials, brochures, pamphlets etc.) from the TLC-Online Shop on TLC-International’s Websites.
              21.      For both additional income and quality Client service and care, a TLC-Ambassador must register with the TLC-Online Shop on TLC-International’s Websites in order to: Promote, select, purchase from and retail a range of products and services to Clients and other 3rd parties. A minimum average of 2 (two) transactions per month (of any value) over a period of 12 (twelve) months are/is required.
              22.      A TLC-Ambassador is entitled and encouraged to participate in Social Media (e.g. Facebook) and on the Internet (Websites etc.) in support of their TLC-Ambassador activities. However, he/she may not set-up a TLC-Branded Website/Facebook Page, or any similar application, without prior written permission from TLC-International. In all events and instances, any such activities must ensure no harm to TLC-International’s high standards, specifications, branding and business.
              23.      In the event of any support staff appointments, TLC-Ambassadors must ensure that any such person/s involved in any aspect of their business processes whatsoever, must be registered, for record purposes, with TLC-International, as a business, medical and legal requirement.
              24.      TLC-Ambassadors are entitled to market and sell allied/related/ competing products and services but, in all instances, promptly disclose to and notify TLC-International (in writing) for TLC-International’s own input/approval and records. All such requests will be promptly, reasonably and fairly considered for approval.
              25.      A TLC-Ambassador is required, without exception, to diligently make TLC-International aware of any violations of its Intellectual Property, any business innovations, threats and/or, opportunities, and provide all such related and required details, on request by TLC-International.
              26.      TLC-Ambassadors may not in any instance, infringe upon TLC-International’s Intellectual Property Rights relating to its methods, systems, processes, materials, programs, techniques, know-how, data, records, logos, branding and image.
              27.      TLC-Ambassadors must conduct their business in a manner which will not, in any way, shape, manner or form, harm TLC-International’s business, reputation, name, image and professional integrity.
              28.      TLC-Ambassadors must fully comply with any day-day practical, operational, admin and processing requirements as stipulated by TLC-International from time to time.
              29.      TLC-Ambassadors may not assign/transfer this Registration and these related obligations and rights to any 3rd Party without TLC-International’s express, written permission.
              30.      In the event of de-registration, re-registration, if approved, will require the submission of a new application and specified registration fee to become a TLC-Ambassador again.
              31.      In the event of de-registration, the TLC-Ambassador shall have no claims against TLC-International.
              32.      In the event of de-registration, the TLC-Ambassador shall promptly return all TLC-Materials and related Intellectual Property and comply with all termination specifications, within 7 (seven) days.
              33.      A TLC-Ambassador shall provide 1 (one) month’s written notice to TLC-International of his/her intention to halt/cease operations.
              34.      TLC-International is indemnified against any 3rd Party claims for any of negligent acts, defaults or, misrepresentations by TLC-Ambassadors and/or, any appointed Staff.
              35.      The Terms and Conditions are governed by the Laws of the Republic of South Africa, but final jurisdiction shall always, in all events and instances, be at TLC-International’s final discretion.
              36.      TLC-International has, with all due diligence, communicated and disclosed all necessary and relevant information.
              37.      No relaxation or indulgences, which TLC-International may show, shall in any way waive or, prejudice TLC-International’s rights.
              38.      Upgrades to Terms and Conditions may occur from time to time and will be available on the Website, and applicable and effective from the indicated date.  
              39.      TLC-International shall provide TLC-Ambassadors with all the appropriate and specified information, tools and systems to enable the potential for optimum sales and success.
              40.      All parties to these Terms and Conditions shall at all times act and conduct themselves in a diligent, professional, respectful, ethical and reasonable manner.

                Copyright © 1987-2014. TLC-International. All Rights Reserved.

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